Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Getting fancy!

Good morning friends! I wanted to share the optimistic layout I created just for fun! It has been a rough few weeks in our household. It is with heavy heart to share that we lost a beautiful family member last week. My husbands Nana, a beautiful woman through and through, sadly lost her battle with Cancer. Are we sad?? Greatly, but amongst all the sadness is great blessing.We were truly blessed, as a family to get the chance to be stationed 2 hours from here these past two years. We will forever reassure the time spent and memories made. On the home front, I have had a declining issue with breathing since the move. It may be something in the home, or outdoor allergies, but I have been struggling to breathe, ontop of being asthmatic. It finally became to much, and I chose to got to the ER Monday morning. This resulted in a crazy long wait, as to be expected, and lengthy treatments of liquid inhalants and liquid steroids, to be sent home with steroid pills and inhalers! So, seeming necessary, today, I rest.
I wanted to share this layout of a beautiful time for our family, despite the crazy week. We were also blessed the past two years with this view out our backyard! This view and a warm cup of coffee on the back porch; YES PLEASE! How my feet wish to be bare here again, rather than confined in my warm boots!

 I played along with this months FANCY PANTS SKETCH! I loved the lines of the sketch, and knew right away I wanted to build off of the idea of masking and spraying my title! You have until the 10th to share if you feel inspired also! I hope everyone is feeling well and not too sick with tummy aches from this weekends "candy tax" we all love to collect ;)



  1. soooo sorry about your grandma and being sick!! Hope you feel better!! {{HUGS}} gorgeous page and pic!!! LOVE all the misting!!! love the angle on the bottom!!!

  2. So sorry about his Nana and you not feeling well :( I love love love love your lo! LOVING the colors and the misting!!!!!!!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your hubby's nana Brianna. Saying goodbye is so hard when we know the size of the void left behind. I truly know your pain with life being tough these days. I keep saying that someday I'll put pen to paper to document all the crazy that has been our lives over the past 2 months. Still not ready. Just know that you are being build up and made stronger through all of this, you won't know it until you're the one who's there for someone else in the midst of it. Sending hugs from Manitoba friend xx