Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hallween cuties

Hubby was out of state for two weeks, and took our trusty laptop with him, so I wanted to catch up with last weekends Halloween looks. We moved recently at the end of August into our new home, which with the growing belly, is still slowly coming together. The same week of moving, the stores started placing out the Halloween goodies, causing the girls to NEED their costumes before school even began. This preggo mam figured it was one last thing to plan at a later time, so we went ahead and grabbed our chosen costumes, planning and replanning the details in the weeks that followed.
Little L settled on a Vampire Cheerleader, and we were able to find some fun face stickers which I outlined with white face paint!
Little A fell inlove with a rainbow fairy costume, and with the help of trusty Pinterest, this mama found some fun face paint ideas to match!
Little K rounded us off as the cutest darn witch ever!!Although, admittedly, the hat and broom lasted literally one house before she gave up on them for the night, but atleast we got it on photo first!
Daddy being away meant this mama had the sole responsibility of waddling around the neighborhood with them, but their sweet smiles and thanks you's made it more than worth it!!! I hope everyone had a great Holiday night as well!!! One major holiday down for this year!!