Monday, January 27, 2014

Far too long,and far too many changes!

What do you get when you mix a complicated pregnancy, a military move across country, surgery, and a husband that accidentally changed your Gmail password with no idea as to how to recover it two years later; A brand new blog, that is what you get! After nearly a two year break, my aching scrappy heart was just begging to cover my hands with glue, scissor cuts, and ink once again. So with great feelings of a fresh start that a new blog can bring, I welcome you to my new domain. Its saddening to not be able to log into the old blog to redirect readers here, but if you happen to recognize our faces, you may recall my old site as : .Please bare with me as I try to fit blog updates into my crazy schedule, along with new creations I cannot wait to share! Being out of the online scrapping community for nearly two years and jumping back in can seem daunting at first, old lines have moved on and new lines have appeared, I have so much to discover, but I knew right where to start for the motivation I needed . Scrapbook Circle ,has always had amazing kits and great designers. I was very happy with my choice when I received my first kit and couldn't contain myself from ignoring all other responsibilities to jump in along with this months challenge to use a date stamp! I loved to FINALLY scrap these photos from Little K's first birthday (mind you she turns 3 in June ), It was a great start to my scrappy 2014. Here's to new adventures and meeting friends new and old! I am off to scope some blogs, thanks for stopping by.