Monday, November 24, 2014

9 blissful years!

This day, just 9 short years ago, will forever remain one of the greatest days of my life. Nothing could have prepared me for the journey of the day that was November 24th, 2005. In to the Dr's for a routine exam, I was told that my looming preeclampsia had cased the proper issues, resulting in a night of admittance and observation, only to be told that the following day (Thanksgiving day as it was) would be the day I would become a mother. Over 18 hours later, this beautiful, bright eyed baby girl changed my forever title and my life. I would forever, from that day forward, be known as "mom","mommy", "mother".
As the story was shared, gathered around the kitchen just late last night, all 6lbs, 11 oz came sweetly into this world. Wouldn't you believe, there was no screaming or crying to be heard. As they placed her in the bassinet for observation, she just gleamed in wonder towards the soft tones of her daddy.
( beautiful years late, she remains my soft hearted, observant natured, creative, soulful, sweet baby girl. Here is to another year of life, and as we see it, a most blessed reason to be extra grateful this week!


  1. ahhhhh she is sooo pretty!!!! what a great story and a thankgiving baby!!!! happy birthday to her!!

  2. Awwwwwwwww Happy Birthday to your beautiful GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!