Friday, October 3, 2014

Undies on the head!

As a mother of three, I can honestly admit that there have been a handful of tips when the "documenter"  in me has won over my mother of the year award. There was the time Little L was just a year old, and she snuck in the pantry for food, but all she could reach was the bag of flour on the ground. Now we all know what happens to flour when it gets wet. All that "paste" in her mouth made for the cutest photo of disgust! I cleaned her up and helped her rinse her mouth, but not  before documenting the evidence of course! Than there was the  time that Little A got a hold of daddys gaming headphones. An expensive toy to play with, but again, must capture the moment before collecting the object up before damage. Fast forward to about a year ago. I was in the livingroom, when Little K came sauntering into the room with a book in hand, wanting to be read to. Now this alone is not much of a story to share, however, her fashion choice was. Adorned upon that sweet little head, was nothing other than her big sisters( clean) undies! She was so content with its placement, that I did not have the heart to correct it, but you can bet I snapped a quick photo, for a layout such as this!
I completed this layout with the help of the super fun UmWowStudio Layered Squares! I wanted to play around with the squares, adding a few hand stitched squares to complement them. In all honesty, the original , genius, concept of these embellishments are to layer them atop one another for an equally amazing look, but for this project, I chose to scatter them out.

Look at that sweet face, how could one crush that heart with her unique fashion choice. You can see my layout, along with some more amazing inspiration from the UWS team on the blog HERE!
Also,speaking of the layered shapes, the girls and I have teemed up to bring you inspiration on how to use this super product, which was the brain child of UmWowStudio. Owner DeeDee is always come up with fresh inspiration to keep me inspired. I would love for you to stop back in Monday to see my first décor project in a long time, to bring in the luscious fall, showcasing some more of these layered squares! I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!


  1. oh my gosh what a fun pic!! it's always fun to see what the kids get into and take pics!! LOVE our fun page and the sprinkles of embellies and stitching!!!

  2. HA!! I have pics of Adam in the SAME SITUATION!!! LOL!! I loveeeeeeeeee this!!! FABULOUS!!!! And thanks for the testing advice my friend ... xoxox :)