Friday, September 26, 2014

sometimes life throws lemons at your face!

It has been a crazy whirlwind of a few weeks! For those hat follow my blog, you may know that Hubby is a military man, leaving us on the move every few years. We recently had a large move from California to Northern New York. Hubby's job description changed and was given orders to become a recruiter for a bit. This resulted in a 6 week course starting early July. Hubby drove an hour away, staying away from the family Sunday-Friday nights for 6 weeks straight. Everyone in the course are asked for locations within the U.S.A that they wish to work from, yet we did not find out where we would be moving until just 2 weeks before the physical move! Crazy stressfull to find a home, get the girls registered in school, pack up the home and clean it up, all in just tow weeks!

Now fast forward to the 27th, the day we planned the move out. we were up ALL night packing and cleaning, just to come to the end of the truck, which was level 10 Tetris type packed, only to find that we could not fit everything. We had to purge so much, baby things, daycare things, and most disappointingly, our couch. Now this couch had been through two different rounds of home daycare, lots of young marines, three kids, and two separate dogs, so by any means, I was not too sad of it needing to stay. However I am typing this in our new livingroom from our temporary couch( our outdoor wicker loveseat). We hope to go get a new one in the next week or so!
We departed from California on August 28th, staying with family two hours north for the night, and beginning the LONG drive the next morning! It took us a total of 6 days to complete the drive, I with two girls at a time, and hubby in the moving truck, alternating Little L and Little A, and ALWAYS with the dog. There was no room for his anxiety induced gas in the car with me, I let him stink up the moving truck with hubby, making it a dude space!

We arrived to our temporary home(rental) for our time in the area. on the first day of school. Our goal was to just get to destination for the girls to miss as little of school as possible. They started the following Tuesday, making mission accomplished! We are blessed to have been told by Hubby's new office that they wanted him to take personal leave before starting his job. It will be LONG nights, working weekends, little face time with him once he begins his time recruiting. Until then, he is off for a whole month. It has been a slow adjustment, and we were thrown right into chilly weather after being in Southern Cali for so long! We had a LONG wait for our internet(nearly a week), keeping me away from the bloggy world even longer. I got all my scrappy stuff unpacked early this week and am anxious for some heavy creating. Until then I will share two layouts completed for UmWowStudio during the past 4 weeks.

                I created this layout (check here to see it up on the UWS blog), before the move!I had the vision of all the colorful raindrops, and had just the photos from a random frolick through the lawn sprinklers! I was inspired also to use the UWS August sketch! It was an amazing sketch leaving all that white space below the photo for so many personal interpretations!
How fun! I love how fun the colors bring out the happiness in the photo!

I also created this sentimental layout, showcasing one of my favorite flair buttons EVER!!I added personal journaling to a handmade pocket that also showcased the super fun UWS Potty People. I used one in each size to represent the girls varying ages! You can view this layout on the UWS blog HERE!

How lovely are these golds and rose pink papers together!
Well, thanks for checking in and reading my catch up! I will be back tomorrow with a new layout for LCOM!!!


  1. Oh what a journey you have had :( Hopefully you will be settled there for awhile!!! I wish your hubby was a recruiter here ... the army and Marines are heavily recruiting Adam (he is a senior right now ... and HUGE .. so they like his size! LOL!!) and he is struggling with the math part of the test .. it would be nice to have someone I 'know' that I would feel more comfortable talking to about his recruitment stuff while he is going through all of it :) I love love love love your pages!!! LOVING those rainbow drops on the first one!! GORGEOUS!!! Pinning that!!!!

  2. oh my gosh that is quite the trip/move!!! glad you made it there safely!!! and always hard to part with things in a move. totally lovin your pages, the fun raindrops on the top page and cool gold accents on the B&W on the bottom page!!!