Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This happened

Look at these strapping lads! This pic was taken at little K's first birthday party (2012) of Daddy and "the godfather"; uncle G! I love looking at old photos of good times and amazing friends. Its hard to build amazing connections when you know that you may never live near some people again, but you learn that the genuine people become family! This was an amazingly fun day filled with great friends one last time before we made the treck across country. A random bit of info about this layout. I have yet to purchase a cameo, as they just started making their rounds as I was taking a break from Scrapping, so in the meantime, I need to use my resources. I knew I wanted to use cutouts in this paper,so I used my exacto knife to cut the hexagons from the paper for THIS layout, leaving these fun, random, floating hexagons to play with on this side! I love showing myself that I can still get fun results to tide me over until I get a cameo!
On a sour note, it has been cruddy and gloomy here in Southern Cali the past few days, So if anyone has sunshine to share, i would love some today to help wake me up. I was up far too late reading last night! Thanks for stopping in !


  1. super fun page and love your hexes!!!!! super fun and great paper mix too!!!
    BTW where are you in So cal? I'm here too and getting tired of the early june gloom

  2. This is awesome! I loveeeeeeeeee the colors and the hexagons!!!!