Friday, February 28, 2014

I love you so!

As a rule of thumb, I always wait to post layouts to my two peas gallery after I have blogged about them here, but I was uploading a few layouts yesterday and for some reason added this yet blogged layout in the mix. Call it great timing, call it a blessing, I called it upper exciting, but just 5 minutes after posting it, I returned back to the gallery to leave some love, and there it was, on the very top of the page; the featured layout of the day!Mine, my breathe stopped working for a nano-second !how exciting, it is my first ever featured layout! Hubby said I should celebrate, soooo I celebrated the best way I knew how, buying more scrappy stuff of course!


Now that I am done being a nerd, I would love to share the layout. I used a great mix of the December kit from Gossamer blue, and some great Elles studio goodies. I loved this kit the moment I saw it,and even though it was nearly February, I knew I just needed! On another note, it is raining like crazy here today, with winds at an excess of 60 mph, the girls thought the sound of the wind howling was a child screaming! I hope ya'll are toastier than we are today! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Date night


I am loving the versatility in this months scrapbook circle kit! I added my own stashed maya road envelope and doily with spray and wham, it all came together! I loved this sweet photo of little L and I on a recent mommy/ daughter date. My greatest wish is that my baby girls always want to spend time with their mommy! One can hope right, I am my mom's best friend also, so I can only hope to have that same relationships with my girls, so far we are off to a good start! Thanks for peeking!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What I am loving Wednesday

I wanted to start a weekly issue to share a bit of what makes me tick, randomness throughout my week! I hope you enjoy these little things as much as I enjoy sharing them!
I came across this cutest little book at my local grocery store the other week! It is a gorgeous collaboration of graphic and subway art, think Etsy's best! I had to grab it right away! I just knew that I could use the pages for a great multitude of things, be on the lookout for their use in my pages! I found a source to buy this online HERE !
I have recently discovered Yerba Mate. After having little K, I had severe gall bladder issues, resulting in removal surgery, and the after affect, an intolerance to dairy and coffee, but with three of my own kids, and running a daycare , you could understand how I need my energy. Meet the greatest thing since sliced bread. Its organic, Fair trade; things I have come to find important to me, and a natural source of energy! My favorite is the berry flavored.
A messy desk means I have once again found my passion for paper, and have lots of time to execute this greatness!
I found, somewhere around third grade, that I have a crazy talent for replicating things I see, in multiple mediums, hence this painting I did from the crazy amazing Katie Daisy. It now hangs in the little ladies bedroom!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I am so grateful to have so many great little artists at home! I love their originality ! Little L called this one a Bunicken...A crossbreed of a bunny and a chicken! I loved how this layout came together with this weeks Elle's studio sketch! That bokeh paper is just fabulous!
My inspiration has been on fire and my pinboard is very quickly growing, the ideas are flying off the cuff, I cannot wait to put them into motion! On a personal note, I am child free at  my home daycare this week, my first thought was , how much scrap booking I can get done in that time off! EEEEEEK!Thank you so much for looking!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Pose

So backtrack to just over a year ago, Valentines Day 2013 in fact, and meet Mr.Chester Blu!He was the cutest ball of winkles at the pet shop, making it severely easy to make him ours! A few days after bringing him home, he started to lay in "the pose" !How adorable, right. Fast forward to this year, and you can see, nothing has changed. He is still sleeping in his signature pose! Oh how I love this dog!
This also marks the most "manly" layout to date, with three little girls running around, masculine layouts come rare-to-none in the Marshall home. My stash of Glitz Design paper was the perfect touch !Thanks for peeking!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cuddles & Books

I love the little moments in the day where the girls show such sweet emotions, glad I grabbed this one. Little A is a big kindergartener this year, which means lots of reading, with or without mommy and daddy, this day she chose to read with little K! She sweetened the moment by pulling here into her lap , and I caught the moment just in time.
How fun,right! I based this layout on this months
Creative Scrappers sketch! Just the inspiration I needed!On another note, tomorrow is Friday! Another busy week down! Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Om Nom Nom

I have been struggling direct myself to challenge sites, but before my scrappy hiatus , I loved using Sketchy Thursday sketches, however ,they are no longer running, and now post sketches to one of my favorite kit clubs! Win/win for me! This months sketch was at no loss of inspiration! I also had fun playing along with the current paper issues prompt, focusing on my baby girls 1st birthday!!
I am loving that I am finally scrapping some great photos accumulated through the past two years! This is from little K's first birthday. Lady bug themed, I spent great tie on those cake pops just to see them all devoured in minutes! Thanks for stopping in!

Monday, February 17, 2014


More busy time here lately. I have no complaints though as it has been for beautiful reasoning. My Facebook was full of amazingness this past week with the return of a friend from deployment meeting his newborn twins for the first time, another friend giving birth to her beautiful baby girl, and all of the lovely valentine goodness. After being with hubby for over 13 years now, and not celebrating valentines yearly, I broke down and hinted that it might be a nice thing to start celebrating. Hubby caught my hint and surprised me with the new Kindle fire hex, honestly its my first tablet of any kind, and apparently he disapproved of me hiding under the covers with a paperwork and my iPhone flashlight. I hope I didn't hurt his feelings too much when I told him, I still plan to also continue reading my nearly 40 stash of books that I have been slowly adding too!
I have been so blessed with so much to smile for, including this beautiful face.
I just love that camera clip from one of my Scrapbook Circle kits! I also used the great stamp for my background paper! I have been yearning to scrap this photo forever, I absolutely love how it captured little A's personality, she is such a big personality with a sweet quiet side, how could you not melt to that face! On another note, my soul is on fire with all this scrapping I have thrown myself into! Just what my heart was missing! Thank you so much for stopping in!
Brianna Lynn