Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What I am loving Wednesday

I wanted to start a weekly issue to share a bit of what makes me tick, randomness throughout my week! I hope you enjoy these little things as much as I enjoy sharing them!
I came across this cutest little book at my local grocery store the other week! It is a gorgeous collaboration of graphic and subway art, think Etsy's best! I had to grab it right away! I just knew that I could use the pages for a great multitude of things, be on the lookout for their use in my pages! I found a source to buy this online HERE !
I have recently discovered Yerba Mate. After having little K, I had severe gall bladder issues, resulting in removal surgery, and the after affect, an intolerance to dairy and coffee, but with three of my own kids, and running a daycare , you could understand how I need my energy. Meet the greatest thing since sliced bread. Its organic, Fair trade; things I have come to find important to me, and a natural source of energy! My favorite is the berry flavored.
A messy desk means I have once again found my passion for paper, and have lots of time to execute this greatness!
I found, somewhere around third grade, that I have a crazy talent for replicating things I see, in multiple mediums, hence this painting I did from the crazy amazing Katie Daisy. It now hangs in the little ladies bedroom!

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