Monday, February 17, 2014


More busy time here lately. I have no complaints though as it has been for beautiful reasoning. My Facebook was full of amazingness this past week with the return of a friend from deployment meeting his newborn twins for the first time, another friend giving birth to her beautiful baby girl, and all of the lovely valentine goodness. After being with hubby for over 13 years now, and not celebrating valentines yearly, I broke down and hinted that it might be a nice thing to start celebrating. Hubby caught my hint and surprised me with the new Kindle fire hex, honestly its my first tablet of any kind, and apparently he disapproved of me hiding under the covers with a paperwork and my iPhone flashlight. I hope I didn't hurt his feelings too much when I told him, I still plan to also continue reading my nearly 40 stash of books that I have been slowly adding too!
I have been so blessed with so much to smile for, including this beautiful face.
I just love that camera clip from one of my Scrapbook Circle kits! I also used the great stamp for my background paper! I have been yearning to scrap this photo forever, I absolutely love how it captured little A's personality, she is such a big personality with a sweet quiet side, how could you not melt to that face! On another note, my soul is on fire with all this scrapping I have thrown myself into! Just what my heart was missing! Thank you so much for stopping in!
Brianna Lynn

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