Monday, June 1, 2015

And then there were 6!

Clearly I have been neglecting this poor blog as it has been nearly tow months since posting, but all is within good reasoning. As tried for an planned, just a week before Easter we found we were expecting baby #4!!!!
It has been a tiring and sickly few weeks. I have the honor in pregnancy to never get sick, but rather stay nauseated 24/7 waiting for the sickness with no relief, it makes for little desire to do more than basic functions!
Just when I reach the second trimester, the golden thresh hold of less nausea, I have been hit like a brick wall with extreme exhaustion, sleeping nearly 12 ours this weekend and most days doing little more than laying on the couch. I remain greatly optimistic that the next few weeks will bring more energy and well being. Until then I was excited to share our wonderful news, and I hope to play blog catch up!!!


  1. Super exciting news! Congratulations Brianna xx

  2. yay!!! Congrats I am sooo excited for your family and your new lil one!!!! think of all those baby pages to scrap!!!