Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My current Thief

I came across this blog today, The girl and the good , and this photo caught my eye.
This is my personal downfall right now. I am normally quite good at living in the moment, but life's story has me in limbo, waiting for tomorrow's. With long days alone, with my three girls and two daycare babies, while hubby is away all week long, I live for dreaming of the nights. Nights when all my angels are happily in their beds, drifting off peacefully, and I am cuddled up in bed with my current read, just to drift off to sleep and awake to the feeling of waiting through the next days events, for the longing of my bed again. Being a military wife has given me my share of waiting for the next move. We are currently in that state of waiting once again. We have 44 days before we move on to our next destination, our next journey, but imagine, if you can, knowing that a huge move is upon you, and you are yet to know where that destination is. Hubby was told we will know where we are going by the end of next week. So I find myself counting the days into nights, and the nights into weeks, until we can come to the day where we know. The day when the real planning begins, and my heart can settle a bit, carrying with it the dreaming of new ventures,( hopefully near family) and planning amongst the chaos. I long for the day that I can take each day for the gift that it is again. Until than I wait.


  1. {{HUGS}} and such a great quote!!! I honestly need to remember to do this more...