Wednesday, June 11, 2014

what I'm doing wednesday....

I love the idea of trying to blog a cap of life here every now and than. Not every week, because let's be honest, life can be monotonous and boring on a weekly basis, but every now and then, when a Wednesday calls, I shall sit with my coffee, before the bustle of happy babies and waking "ballerinas", in hopes to share my world with you, because what is life worth sharing without relatability!
So this week, I am.....

Wishing this sweet face a very happy 3rd birthday, how fast the years have gone. We had quite an eventful 3rd birthday, complete with an ER visit from accidental falling , cutting her chin wide open. The hello kitty band-aid and lots of mommies kisses seemed to help ease into the perfect birthday night!
Being a military family, we move quite often, and summers are always moving time. We have the looming of a move upon us the end of this summer, with the option to request where we go. We are originally from Maine, as are our parents, sisters/brothers, grand parents... so I slightly have my heart set on a quaint little home in the town of Portland, Maine...with great bones and lots off character of course... so I am dreamily looking at online listings like this adorable home.
While dreaming of homes, I love to listen to music. Music has a HUGE place in my heart, and I cannot complete most tasks without it. Instinctively I head to my Pandora or iheart radio aps, but occasionally I yearn for new music, causing me to use noisetrade. Its a great site featuring indie artists, with samples to hear music before you download. I love the soul in music such as this. Yesterday I came across this amazing song that just warms my heart, and I wanted to share.
And lastly, while still sitting on my laptop I hoped on over to my email to find I got some happy scrappy news that I hope to share soon......Its great opportunities like this one(yet to be shared) that help me love the story I have to share that much more, I hope this inspires you to share a bit more than your scrappy goodness today!


  1. ohhhh the happy email sounds exciting!!! and I am such a music lover too, its on all the time!! good luck with your upcoming move.

  2. Happy birthday to little miss and boo to the but on the chin!! And can't wait to hear the scrappy news!!!!!