Monday, August 11, 2014

over the hill

I'm up today on the UmWowStudio blog, sharing a page celebrating my 30th birthday. I was lucky to be born on a major holiday; the 4th of July. We don't normally celebrate my birthday, as the days are full of independence day activities, but this year, with the impending move and the decade birthday, I felt we should atleast squeeze in a cake!
I was super happy how festive this layout felt. Just right for a birthday photo!
Can you see that balloon chipboard. The UWS celebrate confetti is the most amazing product for birthday projects. It also includes these fun starbursts I added, along with cupcakes, streamer confetti, and birthday hats! I also framed out my photo in this super fun UWS speech bubble frame!

On another note, today marks two weeks left in our California home. We are planning to leave on the 25th and stay in a hotel with hubby until the 28th, when he completes his career course, and we depart for Northern New York. There is still much packing and sorting and purging to do, and I chose to keep my daycare kids through this week, adding to my time crunch, but how can you say no to loving on sweet little ones a bit longer!
I hope everyone has an amazing start to their week, and thanks for popping in!


  1. This is gorgeous! I loveeeeeeeeee the circles and the splatters!!!!!!!!!

  2. LOVE LOVE The flow of the page and circles down the page, LOVE the fun frame of the cake!!! great layout!!! good luck on all the packing and move!!!