Thursday, May 8, 2014

i just want to learn and grow

Happy Thursday friends.The past month has been quite busy.We were so blessed to have a dear old friend fly all the way across country to visit us during the girls spring break.After a 12 hour set due to plane delays,Uncle Kenny was here! We showed him all we could in his short 5 days here,including touching the Pacific ocean,a wonderful local place called old town,and a kid free day to Orlando.It was wonderful,rejuvenating, and great fun. On the downside it left no time for playing with paper.I completed my first layout for LCOM which will reveal Sunday.Until then I truly wanted to sit down and share a bit about me.

As most of you know,I was blessed to meet my now husband in High school, soon after which we made the choice for our someday family,to have him join the marine Corps.During this time we have traveled to many states, experiencing America and enriching our lives and challenging us all along the way.The greatest enrichment has come from our current move.Maine born and raised, California was a big, scary idea, but we embraced the possibility of a cross country move and were quite excited with the news of this move in June 2012. Since the move,I have grown so much spiritually, and learned so much about myself in the spaces in between.My friends joked before the move that I better not turn into a "hippie", but low and behold, listening to my heart I learned,that I am in fact a bit of a "hippie".I have always loved being barefoot,so that was a good start,but I have since learned soon much about nutrition and holistic medicine.My brain felt excited to be learning so much at once.After a year of tweaking our diets,we have all settled on a way of eating called Paleo.We are a week in and LOVING it.From questioning the doctor about Chronic fatigue just a year ago to having great energy this week,it feels great, and I would be lying if I didn't say that already losing 7 pounds this week didn't help my encouragement.This feels right in my heart,and I am excited for this change.Here is to the beginning of something amazing, learning about live, and sharing it with so many wonderful people!


  1. oh wow super cool... sounds like you've been busy and finding a new way to get energy sounds amazing!!!!

  2. Sounds like you have been busy and the way of eating sounds GREAT!! Need to check into that!!